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Welcome to Hervey Bay!

by Leeanne Jasse
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Hervey Bay is home to many awesome things.

At this time of year it is perfect to go whale watching. Whales are such beautiful creatures. Their gentle and playful nature is amazing to watch. Also in Hervey Bay we have our lovely beaches, our water park (which is awesome for the kids!) and we also have our barges over to Fraser Island. Fraser Island is a stunning island with white sand beaches and rainforest lands. Hervey Bay and Fraser Island belong to the Butchulla people. Their amazing culture breathes life into the Fraser Coast and surrounding areas. We pay respects to all the traditional custodians of the land which we walk on and pay respects to elders past, present and emerging.

In Hervey Bay, Bloomers Florist has been running for around 7 years (since 2010). It is a beautiful shop full of gifts and fresh stunning flowers. It’s boutique/coastal feel brings diversity to the Bay Plaza shopping centre. Bloomers Florist is located on Torquay road near Woolworths.

At Bloomers, we deliver to all areas of Hervey Bay and areas in Maryborough. Our quick and speedy delivery ensure everyone receives their flowers when requested. Bloomers deliver to Maryborough early in the morning and then again at lunch time. So please get in fast! This will ensure your flowers will be delivered the day you have requested.

At Bay Plaza we are only up the road from the Scarness beach. So next time you are walking or even bike riding come say hello to the staff at Bloomers Florist!

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