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How do I care for my fresh flowers?

Flowers in floral foam– If you receive or buy a boxed/ceramic arrangement it is best to add water every second day to the flowers or when necessary. This hydrates the flowers and extends their life getting your value for money.

Cut Flowers– If you receive or buy a bouquet of flowers the first thing you should do is fill a vase full of water for your flowers. Add flower food provided, then cut every flower stem then put the bouquet into the vase. Change the water every 2 days or so. By doing so the flowers stay fresher for longer and cleaning the vase stops bacteria from growing.

Different types of flowers:

Tulip- If wilting or opening too quickly put ice into the water. It is a flower that likes cooler months so don’t put in a hot area of the house.

Gerbera- Only fill the vase with about 5cm of water as gerberas do not like lots of water, fill up with water whenever needed and cut stems when changing the vase. Gerberas have porous stems, this means the are prone to becoming weak if they are exposed to a large amount of water.

Orchids- If wilting prematurely soak in tepid water for about 10-15 minutes and cut stems while fully submerged. Orchids prefer the water to be Luke-warm but not scorching hot. If possible cut the stems under water and then place straight into a fresh vase. Be sure to not cut an orchid on a node. A node is a lump on the stem, it looks like a joining area. If cut on the node the flower stem can’t drink as a node acts like a seal. When trimming cut above or below a node not directly on top.

Roses- Lots of cold water into a vase. The vase should be filled over half way but have no greenery in the water as that causes bacteria. If you have used all of you flower food sachet, just add a tea spoon of bleach to the water as this will kill any bacteria that wants to grow but it is not enough to harm your flowers.

Why do you have to cut the flower stems?

When a flower is out of water the stem makes a seal on the bottom of the flower. This is a mechanism the flower does to store it’s nutrients. If you don’t cut the stem before the flowers go back into water the flowers will not drink as the seal is still in place.

What do I buy for a sympathy?

If sympathy flowers are needed a formal way to express your condolences is to send a white arrangement of flowers, but there is no need to limit your flower choice. It all depends on what you think is nice and what the recipient would of liked. Bright flowers are always lovely to help cheer people up.

What do different roses mean?

According to “The Almighty Guru” http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Pointless/Roses.html
Red – Love,
Pink – Gratitude,
Orange – Desire,
Yellow – Friendship,
White – Purity,
Purple – Enchantment

Combinations of roses can also show different feelings and emotions:
Red and White – Unity
Red and Yellow – Jovial happiness
Pink and White – Forever love
Orange and Yellow – Passionate thoughts
Pale colors – Sociability and friendship

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