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Planning Your Dream Wedding

by Leeanne Jasse
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Brides! Listen here beautiful Ladies!

Weddings can be described as the best day of a persons life and choosing to get married here is a beautiful idea. Being so close to Fraser Island provides a bride and groom bountiful opportunities. Whether you are married on Fraser or the mainland you will be amazed by the beauty of one of Queensland’s best gems.

So you are engaged, what is the first step?

  1. Call your family and friends to let them know the fantastic news!
  2. Set your date: Pick a date special to you and your partner, but also be wary of the tropical Queensland weather. It is a great idea to buy a journal to plan your wedding details and inspirations- also appointment dates
  3. Work out a budget with your finance
  4.  Usually the 3rd step is to suss out the perfect venue for your perfect day, whether it be on one of our lovely beaches or on our plentiful farming lands (best of both worlds)
  5. Pick a theme and colour scheme: This is usually done when choosing a venue as both elements go hand-in-hand
  6. Call Bloomers Florist!- To us florists, flowers should be at the top of this list! Flowers add a component of delicateness and freshness to your day. In the old times women would carry posies of herbs on their wedding day as this was believed to bring lust, fertility etc. as the herbs had specific meanings. Another popular reason of carrying flowers was to ward off evil spirits. This is very similar in today’s society when regarding to wedding bouquets and different flower meanings.
  7. Plan other necessities: Bands, food, alcohol, photographers, celebrant
  8. Not everything happens in this order- There is so much that goes into a wedding and the above examples are just to name a few

There are so many things that go into weddings it sometimes feels unbearable, but it is important to know when you pick the right team the job will be completely efficiently. Never stress, your day will be beautiful and perfect because in the end you are marrying the person you love and that is all that matters.


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