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Daffodil Day

by Leeanne Jasse
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In 2016, Daffodil Day is on the 26th of August. Cancer has touched many peoples lives and continues to do so. On Daffodil Day, donations are given to the Cancer Council foundation to provide founds to find a cure for cancer. At Bloomers Florist, we have donated and raised money to donate to the foundation.

Why Daffodils??

A daffodil is the cancer council symbol as it symbolises hope for people who suffer from cancer. It represents rebirth and new beginnings as it is an annual and flower that flourishes after a cold winter.  See more on

Our goal at Bloomers is to help and support those who suffer from illnesses such as cancer by donating and spreading awareness.  We support the Indy Foundation which donates to local charities in the Hervey Bay region. We support the Leukemia Foundation as a Bloomers employee shaved her hair to raise money for leukemia research, raising just over $1000.

We urge people to help out their local community and spread the love to all, especially those who need it most.

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