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500ml Pet Shampoo


500 ml Pet Shampoo – Tested on Humans for Pets

The ultimate relief shampoo for pets

Our 2 in 1  Conditioning Shampoo. Made from 100% natural products, this shampoo is great for pets with sensitive skin. Because all the ingredients are natural, it is not a super foamy shampoo, rather a skin conditioning shampoo. It has a lovely smell, enhanced with Australian native essential oils, including Lemon Myrtle.

Contains: Potassium Soap from Natural Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Retained Glycerin, Filtered Rain Water & Lemon Myrtle.  Contains NO: Preservatives, Synthetic Foaming Agents Palm Oil, Thickeners or Detergents.

100% Natural & Organic.  Our Lemon Myrtle is grown on our family farm in Bundaberg