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July 2016 / 2 posts found

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Winter Is Coming!

by Leeanne Jasse
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“Winter is coming Jon Snow, you must get to the wall!” Even Jon knows how cold it can get, but here is Sunny Hervey Bay it isn’t cold for long! A lot of flowers love the cold weather. So we buy the most appropriate flowers for our sunny climate. In the cooler times we order a lot of iris, tulips, roses and a lot of cold loving flowers. In our warmer months we like to supply flowers that like the warm weather such as orchids, natives and a lot of your oriental lilies are long lasting in various temperatures.
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Check Us Out!!

by Leeanne Jasse
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Bloomers is heating up this Winter with a gorgeous range of new stock! Woodwick candles are walking out the door as we have housed various new flavours that are sure to warm your soul this cold season. Our staff are so excited to show you all of our different pieces within the store, including our large range of LARGE clocks, beautiful blooms and bouquets and much much more!!!